After the success of our Bambúnut products at The Pura Vida Ecolodge Retreat (Costa Rica), and initially using local suppliers there, we recognized the need to upscale the production side of our eco-friendly vision, leading us on a journey to find the best quality coconuts and bamboo in the world along with an opportunity to empower a traditional artisan community. We got as far as Vietnam, already famous for its organic coconut oil - a good indication of thick, healthy, durable coconut shells and the Mekong River Delta is world famous for some of the most durable species of bamboo.

While developing a working relationship with a coconut & bamboo plantation, we were able to discover a talented group of local artisans. This innovative farm & workshop, using traditional methods & techniques, are now an integral part of the Bambúnut team and we are forever thankful for a sustainable sourcing line from a country where work ethics and eco-friendly products are two of the fundamental building blocks of a relatively small, but green forward thinking nation.

The combination of wild growing coconut palms along the seemingly endless sands of Vietnam's Pacific coast, hand plucking & low impact farming methods and embracing a coconut industry of which the shells are a bi-product, our long term vision is to avoid hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of these shells being burned or discarded as landfill each year and by reclaiming the shells and up-cycling them into our Bambúnut Coconut Bowls, we are providing rural artisan communities with an additional stream of income whilst reducing waste and the impact on our already fragile environment. Likewise we have found a way to upcycle the waste product (off-cuts) of bamboo and hand craft them into stylish Bamboo Mugs, again bringing a little piece of tropical paradise into your home.

We’ve combined the words coconut and bamboo as the name of our eco-friendly foundation, Bambúnut. Both are resistant to water and heat and have innate antibacterial qualities within their complex fibres, making them completely safe for eating and drinking. Our designs follow the blueprints of Mother Nature: minimalist, not over-designed and fundamentally organic. With billions of plastic containers also ending up as landfill every year, it’s become imperative to unite society in an effort to reject plastic in favour of plant-based alternatives.

Recognizing the need for creative change, Bambúnut aims to create a cleaner & greener online store & experience for the ever growing conscious consumer. Helping to alleviate the environmental crisis, attempting to stamp out wide-scale single-use plastic, mindless waste and CO2 emissions in favour of sourcing more sustainable plant based alternatives, up-cycling waste materials & bi-products in Vietnam, a country increasingly well known for its sustainability, environmental conservation, happiness and big green forward-thinking ideas...