The sublime Mekong River Delta, known locally as the ‘kingdom of coconuts’, is a tropical paradise teeming with wildlife, blessed with fertile soil and a plethora of bambu and coconut trees lining the riverscape. Here we met Hannie & Chichi, who run an organic farm & workshop that’s been in their family for generations. They took us through the creative process, starting with the disused coconut shells and bambu off-cuts from local furniture workshops.

These 'leftovers' are carefully selected to ensure the size and quality are just right, before being passed to craftsmen who remove the outside husk, give each piece a unique shape and size, and smooth the delicate insides by sanding them. Next, four coats of coconut oil are applied to hydrate the shells and mugs and fill their pores.


Finally each piece is quality-checked and packed in recyclable materials, using the previously saved coconut husk as the perfect zero-waste protective filler. The entire process combines traditional craftsmanship with sustainable up-cycling. Inspired, we decided to set up a partnership with Hannie & Chichi, to design a range of handcrafted tableware for the home, body & soul.


Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world, growing up to four feet in one day and up to 30 times faster than most 'normal trees'. The panda’s favourite meal absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than any other tree species, making it one of the most sustainable materials on earth. It requires no pesticides and little water, and when harvested it regenerates itself almost overnight. Often referred to as ‘vegetable steel’ it’s been used as a building material for centuries, and nowadays its versatility and durability make it an ideal material for artisanal products around the home.

All of our products @bambúnut are biodegradable, do not pollute the environment and are a sustainable and ecologically viable alternative to highly polluting products such as plastic or ceramics, neither or which biodegrade naturally. We are a natural and organic brand from start to finish, with ZERO USE of plastics or pesticides. Our bamboo straws and mugs have a natural anti-bacterial quality making them perfect for kitchenware, home & family use.


Our beloved coconut tree is considered to be the hardiest and one of the most sustainable trees in the Tropics as it withstands conditions considered to be marginal for many other crops, requiring little water and no pesticides.

Its seed or fruit (the coconut) is well known for its incredible versatility of uses in both the food and cosmetic industries. But at Bambúnut, recognising the up-cycle opportunity the coconut shell itself presents, (which is normally disregarded as waste), we decided to craft our organic & natural eco-friendly coconut bowls, which come carefully packaged in the coir coconut fibres themselves, another (normally) waste product derived from the fibrous coconut husk. 

All of our Coconut Bowls & Bamboo Mugs at Bambúnut have a positive impact on our environment – not only do they save millions of coconut shells and bamboo offcuts from being thrown into landfill each year (or worse still, being burnt at the roadside), but they're also natural, free of BPA, synthetics, toxins and plastics and are SGS Certified and super safe for you and the environment. 

"...Created by nature, crafted by hand..."